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Situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, here at The Lamb we have an abundance of sporting opportunities right on our doorstep. Having built relationships with local estates and landowners, we have come together to create some truly memorable experiences for our guests.

Operating as a commission-free sporting agent, The Lamb can offer anyone staying with us a range of excellent value pursuit days ranging from deer stalking, coarse fishing, driven game birds, simulated game, pigeon shooting, clay pigeon shooting, & walked-up rough shooting.

Deer Stalking

We currently have three estates with whom we have partnered up to offer a great range of guided stalking and shooting from high seats. There is a lovely variety of ground to explore; from the open fields and hidden copses of The Little Barrington Estate to the deep, dense forest of Cornbury Park and the Wychwood forest, famous for being a top hunting ground of Henry VIII. Roe deer, Fallow deer and Sika deer are all available to stalk as well as the more elusive Muntjac. Outings start at £80 per person plus trophy fees.

Simulated Game Days

Atkin, Grant & Lang have partnered up with The Little Barrington Estate to provide simulated game days. Whether you want to brush up on your swing for the shooting season or experience a day’s shooting without shooting birds, the sim day is perfect for you and/or your team. We can sell group days for 12-14 guns or individual pegs (available on specific dates) for smaller groups/individuals. Sim days tend to take place in the summer months when there is no game shooting going on.

Pigeon & Rough Shooting

For a good value, informal day out, we can arrange pigeon shooting from hides with the use of magnets or walked-up rough shooting on the larger estates. These days often take place around harvest time or late season, are great fun and can be put together for around £50 a head.